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The Danish-Israeli Association in Aarhus, Denmark
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Written by EPHi and CFR


The Danish-Israeli Association was founded in Aarhus (Århus), March 1976.

Who are we?

The Danish-Israeli Association (DIF) is one of several regional associations in Denmark and works for friendship between Israel and Denmark.

Most of DIF's members are "ordinary" people who have a personal interest in Israel, whether it be the land itself, the Jewish people, religion, the Hebrew language, music, Israeli literaure, cuisine, art, history and / or other cultural issues. Some may have travelled in Israel, others have lived in a kibbutz, and yet others are mixed Danish-Israeli married couples.

Thus DIF's members include Danes and Israelis alike, however, the majority are Danes. This is why we encourage more Israelis to become members of our association.

Most of those who are members of DIF live in the the region around the city of Aarhus, where also our meetings take place. Aarhus is Denmark's provincial capital, the second largest city, and has app. 300,000 inhabitants. By the way, Aarhus has a friendship town in Israel, namely Petach Tikva.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to heighten the knowledge among the Danes about Israel and Jewish culture. DIF provides information about the situation in Israel, the Jews in Israel, and the overall conditions in the Middle East as we see it. We do not interfere with political affairs as such, however, our work is inspired by the following four principles:

  • We seek to strengthen the cultural relationships between Israel and Denmark, as well as everyday personal ties between people in the two countries.
  • We believe in Israel's right to exist as the homeland of the Jewish people.
  • We work for the recognition of Israel's right to peace and security.
  • We support and encourage humanitarian initiatives for the benefit of Israel's population.


The Danish-Israeli Association holds various activities during the year. Among them are evening lectures (open to non-members as well), with guest lecturers who speak about different issues: Israeli society, history, Jewish culture in Israel or in Denmark, literature, religion, politics, living and traveling in the Holy Land, and other subjects.

Occasionally, we arrange an exhibition of the works of an Israeli artist, such as a photographer; and we organize soirées featuring Jewish music or an Israeli film.

DIF is a member of the United Danish Committee for Israel (FKI), which includes most of the Jewish and Israel friendship organizations in Denmark. Thus we cooperate with the other Israel friendship organizations in Denmark, participating in various activities such as trips to Israel or conferences.

Also, we co-ordinate with the Jewish-Israeli community of Aarhus in arranging gatherings according to Jewish tradition, for example, Passover and Chanukah celebrations.


Anyone, Jewish or non-Jewish, who adheres with the purpose and program of the Danish-Israeli Association can become a member of our organization; provided of course that he or she is not a member of another organization whose aims are contradictory to those of DIF.

Membership fee is 175 DKK for a year pro person or 225 DKK for a year for a couple. Entrance-fee at evening lectures is usually free (75 DKK). The membership fee is valid for the period 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024.

Some of the activities (such as evening lectures) are open to non-members as well, and a few of them are free of charge.

The members of the DIF receive two different magazines with focus on Israel. They are published together with the other Israel friendship organizations in Denmark, and are distributed to our members free of charge.

DIF is always happy to embrace all people who, in a positive manner, would like to participate in and contribute to DIF's Danish-Israeli community. You are welcome to contact us.

Further information

Please email our webmaster for further information. Thank you for your interest. Shalom.
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